Norton Security Premium 5 Devices 1 Year

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Norton Security Premium 5 Devices


  • Platform: Windows / MAC / Android / iOS
  • Media: Digital Delivery
  • Item Quantity: 1 License install on 5 Devices 1 Year
  • Version: Latest



Norton Security Premium 5 Devices from Symantec protects virtually all your devices from viruses, spyware, malware, ransomware, and other online threats. This all-in-one solution provides tailored software programs to protect your Windows and Mac computer as well as apps designed for Android and iOS devices to safeguard smartphones and tablets. It checks and warns you of unsafe websites before you visit them and risky apps on Google Play before you download them. Additionally, it manages your usernames and passwords to help protect your identity. For mobile protection, it offers location features to help you recover your lost device along with lock and wipe functions for protecting data if it is stolen.

Norton Security Premium provides 25GB of online storage to hold your important data and can be set up to automatic back up these precious files, images, and more from your Windows computer. With the included Norton Family Premier, you can set up which websites your kids can visit, while striking a balance between screen time and playtime. The purchase of this product protects up to 5 devices for one year and also allows you to transfer a license from one device to another.


Norton Security Premium Features
Safeguards you against viruses, spyware, malware and other online attacks
Provides more than just antivirus by protecting your identity and online transactions
Offers unlimited access by phone or live chat for expert help from a Norton technician
Allows mix-and-match security to fit any combination of devices for essential multi-device security
Enables you to set up and manage security for multiple devices through an easy-to-use web portal
Lets you move protection from one of your devices to another
Provides an additional layer of protection from ransomware by backing up your PC files in the cloud
Helps you and your kids explore, learn and enjoy their connected world safely
Teaches habits that help protect kids from oversharing
Preserves the photos, movies, financial documents and school projects from your Windows PC with 25GB of secured, online storage
Lets you add more secure online storage as your needs change